sometimes in spite of pulling all our weight against the reins, we sweep right on past christmas and into the coming year.

this december was strange. it was stale weeks of illness and warm(ish) weather and spirit-crushing loss both close and away. it was being laid-out flat with lungs clawing for breath, then rushing full-tilt to make up for lost time.

lather. rinse. repeat.

we’ve been pressed with the responsibility of leaving well, of doing lasts (last summer, last christmas, last school year) with careful thought and making room to say goodbye. and i get this, the import of sturdy closings and the sort of transitions where no one’s heart and health are left straddling continents.

but sometimes it takes all the grace in my life to simply make it through, one foot before the next.

and i can’t help but think that no matter where we stand in any december, the storyline remains: our family, however that looks, stilled by a God who stepped into our rebellion and our bruised humanity, who made certain we know He is With Us, who began a fixed and unwavering march to death by crucifixion. and all of this to bring us back to Him. our redemption, for His delight. His glory.

christmas or not, He’s with us still, and all the earth spins ardent with wonder. soli Deo gloria.

29. December 2012 by nic
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  1. Amen! Good thoughts Nicole. May God bless each one of you in such a special season of changes in this new year! He is with you. Love you.

  2. Much in line with words I’ve spoken but haven’t made time to write. I love you so.

  3. oh girl. yes. i get this, truly i do. he is here among us, in spite of us, and because of us. and all in the form of a humble babe. love you so much. merry christmas!

  4. thanks for sharing, nic. really love “who made certain we know He is With Us.”