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Worth it.

  So it turns out I’m the sort of person who needs space to write: mental and emotional space, plus the square-footage kind. Between my fellow Owenses, my dorm family, and my students, I am rich in a good many things, but space isn’t one of them. But we shall soldier on in the name of I-am-missing-you-all.     Guys. Our dorm boys move out in less than a week. They’ve gone and grown up on us in this blink of two years, and now they’re off to the junior/senior […]


Fear not.

(my people)   Last week the lock down sirens went off during lunch. Todd and I were having this lively and hilarious conversation with some of our dorm boys (see above) in the living room, and we eyed each other when that unmistakable keening began—we’ve had “unannounced” drills before, but that meant unannounced to the students. The staff have always been told. “Is this for real?” our guys kept asking. “Are we for real on lock down?” And we told them yes, shhh, calm down and start whispering and close-all-your-doors-let’s-go. […]


look up.

  It’s midnight, and the wind skates through the tangle of jasmine growing in a mad rush just outside our door. January brings the kind of heat that bakes my spleen to a lovely crisp, but come evening and those cooling gusts sweep in like so much relief. Still, I can’t sleep. I started strong—drowsing off at 9:30, a headache blooming in the background. I was good for a solid hour and a half, but then the clock struck eleven and all bets were off. So now it’s the night […]

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mk education, kenya kids can

loyal fan of: chicago cubs
pick him for: trivial pursuit
arch enemies: coconut, tomatoes



mk education, kenya kids can

loves: sandwiches
hobby: running with goats
travel dreams: norway, kilimanjaro



kid, grade twelve

yes: chelsea football
no: covered shoes
someday: international social justice

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rift valley academy

RVA educates and disciples MK's, allowing their families to serve across the African continent.

kenya kids can

Kenya Kids Can invests in thousands of students in the Rift Valley through school lunches and computer education.

africa inland mission

Africa Inland Mission aims to establish vibrant, Christ-centered churches in every African people group, with a priority on the least-reached.

by the numbers

elevation, in feet, of our home in chilly kijabe
monkeys in our neighborhood (approximate, they won't hold still)
freshman boys in our dorm (also approximate, see previous)
kiddos in the valley now eating lunch every school day

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